Global Safety & Security Travel Policy

Responsible Office(s): Global Safety and Security
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The Global Safety & Security (GS&S) unit provides the Princeton University community with governance, guidance and advice, risk assessments, training and other direct support related to international operations and global mobility. The GS&S mission is to enable wider, more meaningful international engagement through programs and policies that promote smart worldwide risk mitigation.


Responsible Office(s): Davis International Center
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The Davis International Center’s Immigration Resource provides information on common issues faced by undergraduate F-1 students, graduate F-1 and J-1 students, J-1 scholars, H-1B temporary workers, TN NAFTA Treaty Workers and the O-1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability. Topics covered include maintenance of legal status, leaves of absence, letters of support, travel guidelines, on and off-campus employment policies, extension of status, dependents, enrollment termination, J-2 work authorization, the J-1 foreign residency requirement, Optional Practical Training and J-1 Academic Training.  Additionally, the site includes information specific to international scholars and faculty in any of these statuses: J-1 exchange visitors, H-1B temporary workers, O1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, Trade NAFTA professionals and B1/WB Business visitors.


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The Partnership Guidelines support departments and programs that seek to establish a formal relationship with an international partner institution. Types of agreements may include, but are not restricted to, student exchange, faculty/scholar/staff exchanges, research collaboration, materials exchanges (such as library materials), training and technical assistance, dual and joint degree programs and general Memoranda of Understanding. The site includes information on the step by step process for signing international agreements as well as a template for international Memoranda of Understanding and partnership FAQs.

Study Abroad Policies

Responsible Office(s): Office of International Programs
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The Office of International Programs policy library contains policies that inform Princeton undergraduates studying abroad on Princeton or non-Princeton programs during the academic year or in the summer. It also lists the University’s travel policies as they relate to study abroad. The library contains academic policies, including eligibility, credit transfer, enrollment, departmental independent work, grades, transcripts, withdrawal from summer courses, course approval, and deadlines for course work.  Travel policies listed here include the policy on students renting or driving vehicles abroad and the policy on student travel to countries on the U.S. State Department’s travel warning list.

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