Information Technology

Communications Policy Library

Responsible Office(s): Office of Communications
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The Office of Communications' policy library provides information about policies, as well as resources and services provided.  The policies contained in this library concern both those aimed at protecting and preserving Princeton University's intellectual property as well as those devoted to ensuring that websites follow University requirements before they are launched to the general public and that the University's social media presence is developed successfully.  More particularly, the types of policies you may find in this policy library include those concerning trademarks and licensing, the use of the Princeton University name, Princeton imagery, social media policies, and University website requirements.

Information Technology Policy Library

Responsible Office(s): Office of Information Technology
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The policies published to this library are official policies that are sponsored by or endorsed by the Office of Information Technology. These policies have been adopted to help ensure the appropriate use of Princeton resources.

Policy on Access to Accounts and Information

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The University offers electronic services and the use of its electronic equipment and systems to students, faculty and staff for educational, research and administrative purposes in furtherance of its mission. The University has the legal right to access, preserve, and review all information stored on or transmitted through its IT Systems, yet endeavors to afford reasonable privacy and does not access information except when it has a legitimate operational need to do so.

If you have a new or updated policy, or to provide feedback about this website, please notify the Institutional Compliance Program: [email protected]