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Reporting Potentially Illegal Activity Policy

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Princeton University is committed to conducting its academic and administrative responsibilities in an ethical and lawful manner and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and University policy. The University depends on its faculty, academic professionals and staff to share in this responsibility through the timely reporting of suspected illegal activity. Members of the University community who commit illegal activity are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution. The University reserves the right to refer for prosecution activity of any kind for any reason.

Reporting obligations under the Reporting Potentially Illegal Activity Policy and the University's Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy are described in a brief training video.  The video is intended to help faculty and staff understand their reporting responsibilities, including what to report, how to report, and to whom.  These policies apply both to on- and off-campus Princeton-related activities, including off-campus conferences and research sites, as well as study abroad programs. 

Rights, Rules, Responsibilities

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Rights, Rules, Responsibilities is intended to provide a concise reference and guide for all members of the Princeton University community. Included here are brief statements of University policies most likely to be applicable to and of interest to all University constituencies. For further information on particular aspects of policies and procedures — or their application to particular situations — consult Section 2 "Students and the University" (orange pages) or the policy manuals available from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and the Office of Human Resources.

Transaction Authority Policy

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This policy clarifies the authority individuals employed by Princeton University have been delegated to bind the University to agreements with outside parties, including individuals and governmental entities, and to make and receive commitments on the University’s behalf.  It specifies dollar limits applicable to University employees’ further delegation of the authority they have been given, and it notes situations where consultation with others within the University is encouraged before an individual binds the institution to an agreement or commitment.

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